Board care instructions

There are a few things you should know to get the most out of your new OASIS surfboard before you start shredding up the surf.

  1. While OASIS surfboards are the strongest and most durable boards out there, they are made of lightweight materials to enhance performance so please take good care of your board.
  2. After each use, rinse your board with fresh water to remove dirt, sand and salt residue, wipe down with a clean cloth or towel and store out of direct sunlight, in a cool and dry location. Do not use solvents or cleaners on your board.
  3. All softboards, if exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight for extended periods of time, can begin to bubble, crease or fade in colour. Do not leave your board in a car for long periods. As little as an hour in Aussie summer conditions can cause irreversible damage. Heat related damage is NOT covered under warranty.
  4. Due to the nature of materials used to construct soft surfboards, there will be some water absorption, which is normal and not a defect. The water typically drains after each use.
  5. Impacts both in and out of the surf may damage your board. Any damage caused by impacts is NOT covered under warranty.
  6. When strapping your board to vehicle roof racks, do not cinch the straps too tightly as it may crease the rails. Use a board bag whenever possible when mounting to your vehicle.


A warranty which states our products are free from defects in material or workmanship is issued to the original purchaser of any of our products. If you believe you have purchased a defective item, please fill out the form on the CONTACT US page. One of our customer service staff will assess the claim and contact you. Do NOT return products to us until your claim has been approved or you have been advised to do so by our customer service team.

ProductWarranty term
All Soft surfboards60 days
All Epoxy surfboards90 days
All SUPs90 days
All accessories120 days
Wetsuits365 days

OASIS softboards are made with the finest materials and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. However, due to the nature of surfing, we cannot warrant against damage to or breakage of a board caused or incurred during its use, even if the damage falls within the 60-day limited warranty period.

A warranty claim is immediately voided if a product is found in any way to have been mishandled, mis-installed, modified, tampered, abused or physically damaged. This may include items that have suffered heat or sun damage. Further examples include,


  • Snaps and creases of any form, regardless of the cause
  • Heat and sun damage
  • Compression/dents
  • Broken leash or fins
  • Discoloration
  • Damage caused by leash and other accessories.

Fiberglass boards and SUPs:

  • Snaps and creases of any form, regardless of the cause
  • Knee dings
  • Foot compressions
  • Rail dents
  • Heat and sun damage
  • Glass chipping
  • Yellowing
  • Broken leash or fins
  • Damage caused by leash and other accessories
  • Sand impact.

Please note: Epoxy surfboards and SUPs are highly fragile products and need to be treated with care. Unpredictable surf conditions mean surfboards are prone to being damaged or broken, which is part of the risk one takes when purchasing the product and participating in the sport. For this reason, surfboard repairers are kept busy and are in high demand.

OASIS surfboards used for commercial purposes, such as rentals, surf schools and camps, are not warranted for any period of time.

Softboard Repair

If you experience damage that does not fall under warranty or you are out of the warranty period, we suggest you use EPS-safe Epoxy glue or marine-grade adhesive sealant, such as 3M® 5200, Sikaflex® 291, Gorilla Glue® and/or hot-melt glue from a glue gun. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct and safe use of these repair compounds.

Ensure the repair area is clean and dry before attempting repairs. Allow 24 hours for repairs to cure and dry before use.

Please note: All repairs are at your discretion and we do not take responsibility for your repairs.